Maintenance Package

Your website generates customers, leads and revenue. But what if something unexpected happens? With my maintenance package I’m here to help.

What's Included?

Designing and developing the website is only the first step. There is so much more which goes on behind the scenes to keep your website running. The maintenance packages is crucial to ensuring that your website is performing to the best of its ability. Just like a car, a website requires maintenance to operate smoothly, securely and efficiently. This helps your business maintain traffic, discovery and more.

Standard Package (£400.00/annual)

  • This package includes, regular software updates and website backups. Security scanning and basic SSL certificate as standard. Unlike other design and development companies I include organic ‘search engine optimisation’ at no extra cost, this helps your business get found on Google and other search engines, this means more visitors.

    Google My Business and business directory integration, map services submissions (e.g. Google and Bing Maps), one custom email address using Outlook or Google Suite, GDPR I’ll manage, monitor and produce compliant documentation for your site so that your data is stored securely and Finally performance and analytical monitoring so that you understand your visitors and customers better


Everyday all my client’s websites are backed-up to a remote repository storage location from my web servers so you have peace of mind.


It’s important that your website is at peek performance and also secure. You’re website along with monitoring will be regularly updated and reviewed.


Your MySQL database uses and store curtail information that allows your website to run. Backed-up daily for for peace of mind.


Your website is scanned daily to ensure that your sensitive information isn’t compromised. This includes the removal of harmful files.


When your website is offline, your business is too. That’s why I’ll actively monitor your website to ensure that you have 100% uptime.

No Fuss.

Are you tired of being messed around? Look no further, my all-in-one service allows you to focus on what important, your business.


Looking for a change? Look no further. For a personalised quote please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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